Professional Equipment

At the heart of the system at Fitdog Studios we have a 12 core Mac Pro running pro-tools 10 or later.
Clever design has enabled us to run a pc version of pro-tools alongside the Mac, communicating with each other via ADAT. The main reason for doing this is to offer session resilience so if one computer or interface goes down we can switch to the other, in addition to catering for PC pro-tools if required.

The quality of our sound comes from the audio interfaces that we use. First up, 8 prestine channels of audio along with additional quad core processing power comes from the world renowned Universal Audio Apollo Quad

Next up we have 8 channels of even better I/O with world renowned AD/DA conversion from a Prism Sound Orpheus interface. This is used in conjunction with the Apollo during standard operation.

Also in our sonic armoury we have an SSL channel strip offering a single mic preamp along with SSL renowned EQ and limiter.

We also have 4 channels of the NEVE 1073 preamp and 4 channels of the API Vision channel strip and UA610B tube preamp utilising UAD Unison technology offering 3 of the most legendary preamps in recording history.

To round up all the available inputs we have 16 'class A' Audient mic preamps, 16 focusrite preamps on the digidesign control 24 mixing desk and an additional 8 focusrite preamps with limiter.

All of our installation cabling is either Klotz or Sommer cable. Silent prestine audio is the result.

“TWO MIXING DESKS? Yes one for tracking and mixing in the analogue domain and the other for deep editing control in the digital domain.”