4 Spaces under one roof

Control Room

The control room is often used for live tracking, especially for instruments plugging direct into the mixing desk or pre-amp instrument inputs. With large leather settees to sit back in, laying down that epic guitar solo can't get any more luxurious.

We use a Digidesign Command 8 Automated desk for deep editing control of our 12 Core Mac without having to use the mouse continuously. The new Audient 48 channel mixing desk is used for that analogue sound and to equalise signals on the way into the system without introducing latency.

Between the two mixing desks, reside the world class preamps and audio interfaces. We have also designed a comprehensive patchbay that presents every key i/o at the rear of each piece of equipment to the front. This means everything can be re-routed to each other if required without rewiring the desk.

Live Room
The tracking room can be either one large space or 2 spaces divided by a bi-folding double insulated sound attenuating door. The main tracking room has a 5m vaulted ceiling with a Bowens hi-glide lighting system including 2 pantographs. We also mount microphones from the system to de-couple vibrations resonating from the floor. The space is also used for video work where much of the lighting is present as part of the installation and can be freely moved around using the hi-glide system.

Writing Room
This is the only room without a vaulted ceiling and can be opened up to extend the space of the live room. With the partition door closed, acoustic separation can be achieved in band situations.

Voice-over Room
The Voice-over room is an amazing space for acoustic and voiceover work. Thick pile carpet and a low vaulted ceiling creates a cozy atmosphere, for that intimate sound. This space has been designed as a recording space with direct connection to the control room with talkback.

Studio Annexe
This very large space is only available when pre-booked. This is the largest individual studio space and includes a baby grand piano. This space is linked to the main studio, offering up to 16 recording channels and 4 returns.

“The studio to realise your dreams.”