Audio and Video Samples

The Bighead have been using the studio for the past 10 years. The bright sounding live room is ideal for reproducing the rich brass tones and vintage hammond organ and rotary speakers. These instruments form the signature sound of The Bighead.

Below is a selection of audio examples from bands that have visited the studio.

Saphiels Fall - Indie Folk.

Harry Walton - Jazz.

The Stolen Sons - Americana.

Tiny Cities - Indie.

Chris Anderson recording drums. The stone wall diffuses the sound in a very even way, making drums sound fat and vibrant. All the other walls are designed to flex. This construction absorbs some of the lower frequencies with the result of reducing any muddiness in the sound while enhancing the crack of the snare.

Below are some more examples from artists that have visited the studio over the past 12 years.

Shallow Gene Pool - Rock.

The Petty Hoodlums - Mod Rock.

Jack Gaton - Country.

Stanislav - Indie.

Fear of Ray. An awesome band that recorded at the studio recently.

The Loveable Rogues recorded one of their EPs at Fitdog. A extract can be heard below.

“Music is the strongest form of magic..”