Fitdog Products

  • Gift Vouchers


    If you know anyone that loves to sing or play an instrument, the recording voucher is a perfect gift. They will never forget the magic of recording with the same equipment used by famous artists the world over.

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  • Band Tracking

    band tracking

    If you want to track your band using our large format console, world class mics and pre-amps and take away the track stems to mix at home. This package is for you.

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  • Online Mixing and Mastering

    mixing and mastering

    If you want your songs mixed and mastered using world class plugins and outboard then this package is for you. We also provide the final song stems to allow for any future remixes.

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  • Online Mastering


    If you want your songs mastered using world class plugins and you want it sound matched with your favourite commercial release then this package is for you.

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  • Band Demo Recording Package


    This package is ideal for very well rehearsed bands needing a demo recording. We estimate that we can record, mix and master two tracks a day.

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  • Singer Session


    This package is ideal for anyone who loves to sing and who wants a professional recording.

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  • Create a Backing Track

    6 hour song

    If you need to create a backing track for your own song or just want to have your own unique version of a popular song in your own preferred style, we can help.

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  • Vocal and Voice Reels

    Vocal and Voice Reels

    Present yourself in the best possible way to Agents, Promoters and Directors.

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  • Fitdog Parties

    Fitdog Parties

    Childrens recording and video parties with quality party food and songs to take home.

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  • Songwriter Backing Tracks

    songwriter backing tracks

    We create backing tracks which you as a songwriter can use as a template for your own song. You can change anything you like at the studio and after recording the song at Fitdog, you own the song.

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  • Royalty Free Music Library

    Royalty Free Music

    Use our royalty free music in all of your own audio/visual projects. Search our library on Genre, Mood, Tempo and Artist and preview whether the music is suitable prior to purchase.

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  • Life Stories and Family Memories

    D Day

    Our Life Stories and Family Memories package is proving rather popular. This is a wonderful way to capture precious anecdotes, memories and family history through our relatives.

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  • Songwriting for Beginners


    A comprehensive two day songwriting for beginners course for the over sixteens. The course includes sessions with top industry professionals and a workbook to take home with information on all of the topics covered.

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“The studio maintains good working relationships with the major record labels and TV production and publishing organisations.”