Fitdog Backing Tracks are specially created to provide you with a professional quality backing track template for you to take to completion.

Step one: Purchase and download the backing track.

Step two: Plan and construct your own melody, lyrics and song structure.

You decide how many verses and choruses you need along with any changes to any sounds, beats or song sections .

Step three: Complete the melody, any harmonies, the lyrics and note any song changes to the backing track. Book a studio session to record your magic!

In the studio: add your own melody (Top line) vocal and additional instrumentation to complete the song.

Finally:Remix the track to your liking

We will guide you all of the way, offering as much or as little assistance as is required. The studio only charges for the studio time at our current hourly rate. On completion the ‘watermark’ is removed and all of the elements mixed. You will receive your completed song along with all of the song stems. As you have written the lyrics and the melody you will own the song writing credits. Sounds good? Let’s get started!

“Songwriter Tracks from Fitdog Studios.”