Singer Session

Friend of the Studio Steve Merson recorded this song in a 2 hour vocal session. He then went on to record this awesome video. Contact us if you also need a video. These types of video are far less expensive than you may think. Contact us for more information.

Chloe Allen. Another amazing vocalist recorded this song during a 2 hour session. We can provide a video similar to this for around £120. Contact us if you need any further information.

Pre Paid Singer Session per hour : £30

Please contact Louise to book your session, then select the number of hours you would like to buy and press the buy now button below.

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Alternatively, why not buy a gift voucher for any friend or family who loves to sing.

Please select the number of hours required and we will send you a Fitdog voucher for the number of hours purchased. We will contact you and include any message you may want included with the voucher.

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Tips :

Backing Track Advice 1. Do not stream a backing track directly from youtube or from your phone. This is because when we load the track onto the system it becomes very poor quality due to the heavy compression used by the online service.

Backing Track Advice 2.Another very common mistake that singers make is to purchase backing tracks where you can choose the key. The problem with this is that if the key you choose is far away from the original key, then the audio will warble and wobble horribly. Please have a critical listen to the backing track on a good set of speakers or headphones. If the track warbles, choose another song for the studio and avoid the poor quality.

Tracking Advice With modern technology it is very easy to combine a perfect take from a collection of maybe 5 or 6 takes. In our experience it is far better to perform your song many times from beginning to end and to select the best takes. Avoid recording a line at a time. The only exception is when you need to hit a big note or sing a very difficult phrase. Recording a line at a time loses performance energy and continuity. We highly encourage you to learn the lyrics to the song off by heart as that will help you deliver a very smooth and heartfelt performance.

“Find a Voice.”