Vocal and Voice Reels.

Fitdog Studios produces many hours of voice-over recordings every year, so we understand the difference a high quality recording and video can make. Clients need to be able to picture you straight away as the voice of their next campaign, product or character. Your vocal reel/showreel has to demonstrate your ability and range, to give the client confidence in you.

Do you want a vocal reel that makes Casting Directors and Agents sit up and take notice?

Singers, Actors - we’ve got you covered!

Sessions are based in our professional recording studio, using the highest level of professional equipment.

A vocal reel will be made up of 4 snippets of songs (around 30-40 seconds each), chosen by you, which will be edited into one 3 minute reel. You will also record 1 of the tracks in full, separately.

We will deliver an audio showreel of all of the 4 snippets along with a separate audio file of your full length chosen song.

In addition you will receive a video of either all of the 4 snippets or just of the full length chosen song. This is a great way to showcase to any agent or casting team who are looking for the right person for their roles.

It’s important that you sound your best and create an immediate impact for anyone looking at you for the first time.

Vocal/Voice Reel Cost £245.

What is included in your Vocal/Voice Reel Package :

Four Song Snippets under one minute each.

One complete song chosen from one of the four snippets.

Three recording hours in the studio to record the audio with the opportunity to record many takes of each song, selecting the best clips.

One hour to shoot a headshot video in high definition of either the 4 snippets or the complete song or script.

Video Editing. Included in the price is the post session editing and completion of the video including the final video grading.

Delivery Format. Your Vocal Reel audio will be saved as an MP3 and WAV audio file. The video will be saved as a .MOV file ready to upload to the customer or Spotlight etc. But we can accommodate other common formats.

Final Adjustments. You have the opportunity to review your showreel and to email us any adjustments to the mix or colour grading etc.

Tips :

Backing Tracks Tracks are widely available (and mostly very affordable) thanks to the wealth of karaoke and piano accompaniment tracks on iTunes. Try searching your song's title with 'karaoke', 'instrumental' or 'accompaniment' after it, and see what comes up! In my experience, voices do sound better over piano tracks, and it also matches what people will hear from you in an audition. Some songs, however, do need that big band/rock band backing to make them really sing. Go for the best quality that you can and listen before you buy! Please avoid streaming off Youtube or Spotify as generally this produces inferior quality audio.

Song Choice Song choice is obviously very personal, and comes down to how you want your reel to sell you. If you're a very versatile singer, choose songs of different styles and genres to make sure that comes across. But, if you're a master of one style, then don't be afraid to play to your strengths. Also, pick songs that sit well within your range, and make sure the tracks match the key you want.

Techie Stuff It’s vital to make your showcase easily accessible to those you are aiming for. Use Wetransfer or Dropbox to send your link (you often can get a free trial). That way you don’t block someones inbox or your outbox with a large file Keep to 3 - 4 minutes per showreel and the snippets to 45 seconds to 1 minute long If you are making a voice only acting reel do not add background music and keep to the one genre you are casting for. Following the session, we’ll mix and master your tracks, and edit together the reel. These will be sent to you as a mp3s and if you’ve opted for a video this will be edited, giving you the choice of what to upload.

“Simple ideas, brilliant results. A video tells a thousand words.”