Online Mixing and Mastering.

Our Online Mixing and mastering service is one of the only services to also provide the track stems of the final mix/master.

Mastering of each song is also included in the mix price.

We provide two mix revision cycles within the price.

If you prefer, we are very happy for you to attend the mix sessions. However, please be advised that if you attend, you will be charged by the number of hours used in the session and not by the online fixed price. This is because you may decide to try a few different ideas out and this can slow down the mix process. You choose which method is best for you.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you provide us with reference tracks for each of your songs. We can match your mix and master to the sonic profile of your favourite commercial track. All you have to ensure is that the reference track contains the same instrument and genre profile of your song. The reference track ensures that we do not misunderstand your mix brief.

To work out how much the mixing and mastering will cost you, add up the number of audio tracks contained within the song. Then select the correct number of tracks from the paypal dropdown list. Finally press add to cart. If you have more than one song, then repeat the process for all the other songs. On completion proceed to checkout.

  • 2-5 mono or stereo tracks = £40
  • 6-10 mono or stereo tracks = £70
  • 11-20 mono or stereo tracks = £100
  • 21-30 mono or stereo tracks = £130
  • 31-40 mono or stereo tracks = £160
  • 41-50 mono or stereo tracks = £190

Number of tracks within the song

What is included in your Online Mixing Package :

1. A mixed stereo version of your song in both wav and MP3 format.This will be the pre-mastered version of the song.

2. A mixed and mastered version of your song in both wav and MP3 format.This is the mastered version for final delivery to your chosen platform.

3. The track stems with all plugins and automation applied. This is a real value added feature that allows you to do subsequent remixes at your own studio. This also acts as a track level backup copy of your song.

4. Two mix revision cycles via email. After the 2 revision cycles extra hours can be purchased if required for both a remote or attended final tweak session.

Tips :

Recording Resolution We can mix sessions received as 16bit to 32bit and from 44k right up to 192k resolution.

Provide Reference Tracks If you provide a reference track for each song, we will know what sort of sonic result you are after.

Techie Stuff It’s vital to make your files easily accessible to those who need access. We use Dropbox as a way to get all of the files to you. You do not need to own dropbox in order to access your files

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