Online Mastering.

Here at Fitdog Studios we can master your songs for commercial release using the latest Mastering software from Izotope, Waves and Universal Audio.

We utilise technology that can match your sonic mix to your favourite commercial song. You provide the reference track and we match the sonic qualities.

We also set the output levels to a level optimised for streaming platforms or CD release.

We highly recommend that you provide us with reference tracks for your songs. That way we can fully understand the sort of sound that you are after.

We identify and document all the actions that we have taken to get the mix sounding the best it can.

You are welcome to attend the mastering sessions if you prefer.

Online Mastering Package Cost

Tracks to Master

What is included in your Online Mastering Package :

1. Mastered tracks delivered in WAV and MP3 format The WAV version is for your final delivery platform and the MP3 version is for emailing around to interested parties.

2. Two revision iterations via email Yes you can request two revision iterations per track all included in the price.

3. Documentation of what was done Mastering is a technical process that improves the final mix through identifying whether a song sounds better being made to sound fuller or brighter etc. We document our thought process and what we changed. This helps you when you review the master.

Tips :

Mastering Expectations Do not expect the master to be a remix. A good mastering engineer expects the song to be already mixed and does not want to change that. (otherwise the mix engineer will have something to say about that). The mastering engineer's job is to add the final polish and to ensure that all of the songs sit well together and sound similar to the provided reference tracks. He/She may add some fairy dust to make the song sound more dynamic or closer or possibly brighter or darker. This all depends on the style of the song and the target sonic profile.

Do not drip feed tracks to be mastered.One of the key aspects of mastering is to ensure all your tracks sound coherent when played back to back. This important aspect is harder to achieve if the songs appear one at a time over a long period of time.

ISRC Codes When you release a track the ISRC code (International Standard Recording Code) links the song to you. Most online distributers require this. Visit for all of the information that you require.

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