Alesis Ai3

Using the ADAT Optical protocol, the Alesis AI-3 Analog-to-ADAT Lightpipe Converter offers high-resolution analog-to-digital audio conversion and amazing value. With 8 analog inputs and outputs, 20-bit digital converters, and ADAT optical digital interface, the Alesis AI-3 is perfect for adding I/O to digital mixers, multichannel cards, and all equipment that offers ADAT Optical compatibility.


The Aesis AI-3 provides 8 analog inputs and outputs on balanced 1/4" TRS connectors. These jacks feed 20-bit, 128X oversampling A/D/A converters for a 96dB dynamic range. This can also work in reverse, translating ADAT Optical digital audio signals back to analog with 24-bit precision.

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