Band Tracking.

Fitdog Studios has a dedicated sound treated drum room that has the ability to record drums to a much higher sonic quality than any living room or village hall.

Because of this, why not track your drums at Fitdog utilising all of our world class mics, pre-amps and large format console.

Track any other instruments that you would feel benefit from the wonderful acoustics of our vaulted ceiling tracking room.

Our tracking room will add sparkle to Drums, Brass, Loud Guitar Amps and all acoustic instruments.

Chris Anderson recording drums. The stone wall diffuses the sound in a very even way, making drums sound fat and vibrant. All the other walls are designed to flex. This construction absorbs some of the lower frequencies with the result of reducing any muddiness in the sound while enhancing the crack of the snare.

Band Tracking Package Cost:

Band Tracking Hours

What is included in your Band Tracking Package :

1. A studio session of duration of the hours paid Select the number of hours from the paypal dropdown list.

2. Time aligned .WAV stems of each instrument for each song within the session our standard delivery resolution is 24bit 48k wav. We can cater for 32 bit 192k resolution.

3. Up to 2 alternate takes of all stems included in the price we can provide more alternatives but this would add to the price.

4. If applicable both processed and unprocessed stems will be included

5. A fader up mix, with mixbus compression of each song is also included This is invaluable as a quick check to the quality of the recordings.

6. Addition hours available - just pay on the day

Tips :

What's involved in the session? Each session consists of 3 main elements: Setup and soundcheck, Tracking (recording any song instruments and vocals) and stem creation.

Setup and Soundcheck This normally takes about one to one and a half hours and involves micing up all of the instruments, drums taking the longest. Then we soundcheck to get all of the instruments sounding the best they can be.

Stem creation Stems are the individual instrument files and are either in mono or stereo. The more songs that we record, the more time is needed to create the stems for you to take away.

How much time do I need to book? So here is a rough guide as to how many songs you are likely to get tracked, depending on the number of hours you have booked.

  • 4 hour session - 1-2 songs
  • 5 hour session - 2-3 songs
  • 6 hour session - 3-4 songs
  • 7 hour session - 4-5 songs
  • 8 hour session - 5-6 songs
  • 9 hour session - 6-7 songs
  • 10 hour session - 7-8 songs
  • 11 hour session - 8-9 songs
  • 12 hour session - 9-10 songs
  • 13 hour session - 10-11 songs

We are here to help and advise, so just contact Louise on 07968 729651 or email to chat your requirement through.

Recording Resolution We recommend that you record your sessions at 24bit 48k. We do not recommend higher resolutions, as unless you have a very powerful computer your mixing will soon grind to a halt due to lack of computer power. Save the higher resolutions for sound design projects.

Saving Money Why not record the core elements at the studio and record all the fancy bits like solos and backing harmonies at home. Maybe record anything that you feel may take a long time to get perfect at home when the pressure is off. Ensure you practice to performance level before you come in and that you have all of your parts defined.

Techie Stuff It’s vital to make your files easily accessible to those that need to download them. We use Dropbox as a way to get all of the files to you. You do not need to own dropbox in order to access your files. We can advise you if you need any guidance.

“Simple ideas, brilliant results. A quality recording.”