Complete Demo recording.

This package is ideal for very well rehearsed bands that can play their material without having to spend much time on re-takes and corrections and where you do not have to many overdubs.

If this is the case you can record, mix and master two tracks in a day.

It is very important to realise however that after a long session, there may well still be some issues within the songs that you identify when you review them at home. Common issues may be that the mix is bass light or heavy, or the vocals are too loud etc.

You may need to plan to purchase a few extra hours in order to iron out the issues not picked up in the first mix. This is all very normal, as a really good final product can only really be achieved after reviewing the songs with fresh ears on a subsequent day.

Endless Love - The Show, creating a demo ahead of their national tour of the UK. Checkout their promo video here.

Complete Demo recording Package Cost

Studio Hours

What is included in your Complete Demo recording Package :

1. A studio session of duration of the hours paid Select the number of hours from the paypal dropdown list.

2. Set up and sound check This usually takes about 1.5 hours.

3. Track your first song we can then advise how many songs you can complete in the paid for time.

4. Mix of all of your songs

5. Master of all of your songs

6. Additional hours available - just pay on the day With this package, we are working very fast and how much you achieve depends on how quickly you record. Because of this, any over-runs in time need to be paid for. Often it is best to book an extra session in situations when you run over. This also has the benefit of fresh ears.

Tips :

Preparation This is key for this package. If you can record things quickly and with a good level of performance, then you will get an awesome result for great value for money.

Expectations If you need a fault free product, then you need to nail the performance quickly. Often our other packages allow more time to correct every problem that you may encounter. Because of this the other packages are better suited for commercial release quality recordings.

Sound Quality Will always be first class at Fitdog and we guarentee that. Cost savings are made by not spending so much time mixing and mastering. This often results in a more live and less produced feel. This can sometimes be a good thing. If however perfection is required, we would suggest picking individual tracking, mixing and mastering session packages.

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