Terms and Conditions.

Please read our no nonsense Terms and Conditions below. At Fitdog all we ask is that if a booking has been made which for whatever reason can not be attended, that we or contacted within 24 hrs.

Pre-Payed Sessions.

1) If you need to re-arrange a session, as long as we receive 24 hours notice there is no charge and the session payment is carried forward to the re-arranged date.

2) Session noshows where fitdog is not notified of the cancellation will not be entitled to any refund. So please ensure you contact us if you are unable to make the booking.

3) If you cancel a session with at least 24 hours notice, you will receive a refund of 95%. This is because of our merchant bank charges.

Payment on the day.

1) Failure to pay on the day will result in the session being charged at our 30 day term rate which is currently £40 per hour. You will be sent an invoice and then have 30 days to pay.

2) Session noshows without re-arranging or cancellation will be invoiced £50. So please ensure you contact us if you need to cancel or re-arrange. Cancellation allows us to re-book or make alternate plans.

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